About Me

I grew up in Central Oregon on a small farm and discovered that I had a natural connection and love for animals.   I served in the Army for over 7 years, went to college and became an Occupational Therapy Assistant but still had a desire to surround my life around animals.  I attended the Tara Lara for grooming in Oregon and completed a 1-year advance program at Academy of Animal Arts in Florida.   I have worked for a variety of grooming companies, and also groomed for a private veterinarian establishment.  I couldn’t have been happier.  With my calm, confident demeanor around distressed animals I soon became known as the groomer who took on all the “difficult” groom cases to include cats. In 2013, I decided to take it one step further and started my own business with Tailgate Grooming.   I love being able to offer flexible services and hours to better meet the needs of my customers.  I have finally been able to branch out yet, one step more, and  have started a real “Tailgate Grooming” service in 2015 now offering a  Mobile Tailgate Groomer where I can deliver my services to your door at your convenience.