Oatmeal and Blueberry facials for deep cleaning your pets face is included with all Baths/Grooms as is Aromatherapy to promote a relaxed environment.

Full Groom Include

Shampoo x 2, Conditioner, Blueberry, facial, nails, anal glands, ear hair and clean, and style of choice.

Small Dogs start @ $55

Cats Start @ $65

Bath Include

Shampoo x 2, Conditioner, Blueberry facial, nails, anal glands, and ear clean.

Small Dogs start @ $45

Cats Start @ $55


Nail Filing/Grinding $5-10

Medicate Bath $3

DE-Skunk Treatment $25-65

Sanitary trim $5-15

DE matting 15 minutes $5

Aggressive/Difficult $5-20

Returned Checks $30

Discount offered every day

Seniors  15%

Military/Veterans  10%

Teachers 10%

Postal  10%

Products Used

Aroma Care for Pets

Calming Lavender Soothing, Chamomile Remoisturing – Coconut Brightening – Juniper Conditioning – Cactus/Aloe


Nurture – Conditioner Retreat Hypoallergenic Comfort – Soothes Renew – Deoderizes

Spa Oatmeal enriched and soap free

100% Essential oils for aroma therapy

Prices for services quoted via phone/email could be subject to change depending on the pet described at time of booking.